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i have severe depression and major ODD. i cant get along with anyone in my family, i only have two good friends, and my medication does NOT work. im in DBT group and therapy but that dosent seem to work. ive already tried suicide before so i can die if i want to.[which i do] i have the knowledge. i just dont no what i should really do. even cutting dosent make me feel better. i dont really have many options.please help.



Hi Kenna,
what I am about to say will not be popular in certain quarters. Be that as it may, this mostly works!

Chronic depression is ALWAYS an expression of chronic undernourishment!!!!
Medication will ALWAYS make it worse!!!!!

Your mention of self mutilation also indicated a borderline structure which also needs some time and special diet to heal.

It's quite difficult to get "out from under" in your circumstances because you need to change your entire environment to do so. This said, it can be done and very many have succeeded. Suggest that you start with the Kushi Institute and ask them if they have a "safe house" anywhere that you can reach and where you can stay for some months. Additionally, your self-esteem needs a boost and I would recommend that you download the "Borderline" handbook (it's free) from

Go for it - it's worth the effort, you'll see.

In general, there is this to say about suicide:-
It is always a waste of time!
The problem which you have set yourself to solve does not cease to exist simply because you've destroyed your physical body.
You will choose, and I do mean that you will CHOOSE to return quickly to attempt the same lesson again. There will be no pressure put upon you. You will choose to do it because YOU want the experience of solving that problem. It's quicker and easier to do it now.