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A very good day to you wherever you are.

This website began "life" not as an idea of mine but largely as the result of many other people's (mostly clients or "patients" of mine) reactions:

"You have such an amazing body of knowledge and you bring it across so easily, why on Earth don't you make it more widely available?"

The result is this Question and Answer website.

The website is interactive; this means that you can add a question at any time and, if I think it instructive, useful or amusing, I will add it to the collection. Before you submit a question, please check that something similar has not already been asked.

Using the Menu bar on the right, first select your category by clicking on it with your left mouse key. This will both open all the questions in that category which will appear on the left as well as the list of sub-categories which will help you to refine your search. Click on any headline on the left to open the question and answer. Sometimes, there will be several questions and answers under one headline. I have done this in order to show differing aspects of the same theme being asked.

Asking a question is simple, just click on the tab in the menu bar at the tops of this page and fill out the form. You don't have to choose a category, I will decide this. As you see in the Q & A which you can already read, you will not be personally identified other than, for example, Susan H. from Minnesota, USA or Fred G. from New Zealand. You will receive an automated email asking you to confirm that it was you who asked the question. Just click on the link and your question will then be delivered to me. If you don't click on the confirmation link, the question will remain in limbo for three days and then be deleted. You will not be notified directly that your question has been published. Each week or two you will receive the newsletter listing all the new questions and answers.

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